Tension Deck Fabrication

For Oil and Gas Industry

Scope & Requirements

  • All welding and NDT in accordance with AWS D1.1/D1.1M.
  • Weld procedures and welder qualifications can be completed within 2 weeks whilst waiting for materials.
  • All beam flange connections are to be full penetration butt weld.
  • Note – The 700WB’s will be received in 15m lengths and will be flame cut to size/shape.
  • All bolts, shackles, sling sets and weld on RUD’s supplied. Sling sets shall be proof load tested. RUD’s to be subject to pull test loading.
  • Tension deck to be elevated and supported at each corner to allow for the trial removal and re-installation of the Link Beam.
  • Tension deck to have all loose components trial fitted prior to surface treatment.
  • All loose items to be fitted for delivery. Delivery is within the immediate East Arm Wharf area. Craneage for unloading the tension deck is to be supplied by others.
  • There is no provision in the above costs for the load testing of the tension deck as no details have been supplied.

Material Supply

  • All materials supplied with EN10204 3.1 certification or to Australian Standard equivalent.
  • Plates sizes not available will be substituted for the following. 35mm to be 36mm, 15mm to be 16mm.
  • Plate size 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 36mm and 60mm shall be grade AS/NZS 3678-350.
  • Plate size 130mm shall be grade AS/NZS 3678-250.
  • All welded beams, universal beams and angles shall be grade AS/NZS 3679-300.
  • All handrail pipe to be grade AS1163 C250LO.
  • Deck plate shall be to grade AS/NZS 3678-250.

Surface Treatment

The following surface preparation and coating system is offered for an offshore marine environment.

  • Abrasive blast to AS1627:4 Class 2.5
  • Apply one coat Interzone 954 to 150 um DFT main frame only. Colour RAL 5012 Light Blue.
  • Apply 1st coat Intergard 269 to 75 um DFT handrails only.
  • Apply 2nd coat Interthane 990 to 75 um DFT handrails only. Colour RAL 1003 Signal Yellow.
  • Nonslip to be added to the deck plates.
  • All stencils of AE logo and information included as per details supplied in the drawings.

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