Fabrication of Non-Drive Pulleys


NorthTech SLE fabricated non-drive pulleys with sealed spherical bearings, Kobra Seals and Ceramic Lagging. NorthTech SLE is a SKF Certified re-builder of conveyor pulleys. This gives NorthTech SLE support in implementing best-in-class practices and high quality bearing and seals.

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Increased bearing life by more than 200%

As it is expensive to replace conveyor pulleys, GEMCO were looking for longer life from their pulleys.

SKF have designed a 3 barrier sealed bearing housing for conveyer pulleys. This design increases the service life of the conveyer pulleys and decrease maintenance costs.

NorthTech SLE carried out the fabrication of these pulleys. Shafts were machined from bar stock, the shell end plates welded in and ultrasonic testing of the welds carried out. They were then stressed relieved and machined.

Pulleys were assembled using SKF housings, sealed spherical bearings and Kobra seals. Due to the longer life of this arrangement the lagging was upgraded from a rubber type to a Ceramic type.

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GEMCO is a Manganese Mine located on Groote Eylandt.

Increase in bearing life of more than 200%

Maintenance costs decreased due to not having to replace pulleys as often.

Fabrication time took place over 4 weeks.

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