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We have an experienced team of qualified professionals who are able to provide flexible, local solutions to your maintenance projects. Our tradesmen are quick to each job, working smartly to achieve results when you need them. Your outcomes are at the centre of our processes.

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Skilled personnel

One of the most important criteria for any maintenance job is a broad spectrum of skilled and qualified personnel. Constant changes and improvements in machinery and technology means maintaining equipment requires specific expertise. SLE has a broad base of staff with a combined 40 years’ experience in selected industries.


When it comes to maintenance, thorough documentation is essential. Documentation needs to be perfect. We take great pride in our detailed paperwork that outlines what checks and compliances have been met and maintained. We can provide you with all the documents you need to comply with your standards.

Quick and local

If you require maintenance engineering, it is essential that you have a local team on hand to deliver you a service efficiently. SLE can work flexibly to meet your requirements and deadlines.

SKF Certified Rebuilder in Darwin

SLE is a Certified Rebuilder of Conveyor Pulleys, under the SKF Certified Rebuilder Program.

This means we conform to rigorous compliance and technical quality standards and are a competent rebuilder that is thoroughly vetted by quality audit processes, including tooling and equipment, quality assurance and process control systems.

Advanced laser alignment

It is important when aligning shafts that it is accurate to increase longevity of equipment. Axial and radial alignment needs to be considered when aligning shafts.

The TKSA 41 is an advanced laser alignment tool for achieving accurate shaft alignments. It has two wireless measurement units complete with large size detectors and powerful lasers. These are mounted on the shafts to be aligned and when rotated provide live measurements of the adjustments required.


Reports are exported into PDF and supplied to you at the end of the project including photos and project details.

Responsive maintenance when you need it the most

Our team are flexible to your requirements; working with your induction processes and strict timeframes to carry out maintenance as required, on your schedule, at our workshop or on-site.

See how we provided refurbishment and repairs of rotatable support assemblies for the Rio Tinto Alcan Mine.

Convenience and transparancy

We will come to your site at the most suitable time and work with your team to get the job done. Our tradesmen use a ‘Work Force Reporting’ book to record the hours spent on your project which is then signed by you on completion.

The ram repair last week went very well so I thought it best to thank you and the others at SLE involved in the job. I know that you were busy when we asked for your urgent assistance so your prompt action in way of a quality repair is much appreciated.
Eric Duck, Technical Manager, Swire Pacific Offshore

Site support equipment

Our qualified team are backed by the right equipment to get your maintenance done efficiently.

  • Diesel welders & wire feeders
  • Extensive lifting & 
 rigging equipment
  • TIG welders
  • Spreader beams
  • Air arc gougers
  • Machinery skates
  • Integrated lifting and support systems
  • Thermal lancing
  • Caddy welders
  • Mobile line boring and facing
  • Hydraulic cylinders up to 200 tonne with a total lifting capacity of 1200

Common maintenance services

No maintenance job is too big or too small, and our capability extends to a vast array of maintenance tasks.

  • High tension bolting
  • Flange management
  • In situ flange facing and machining
  • Clam shell lathe for pipe bevelling & severing
  • Refurbishment of drive gearboxes
  • Refurbishment of vibrating screen exciter gearboxes
  • Pump overhaul and testing
  • Scrubber alignment
  • Conveyor roller refurbishment & fabrication
  • Drive alignment using laser aligning equipment
  • Sheave overhaul & refurbishment
  • Valve repair & replacement
  • Rail wheel refurbishment
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